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SQA-V Sperm Quality Analyser-V

The Advanced Sperm Quality Analyser-V (SQA-V)provides rapid automatic analysis results in less than 75 seconds. Adapt to fresh, frozen or treated semen samples with on screen visualization & image freezing capability and printout.

Memory of 1000 test results. Integrated, derived and totalized WHO and informative parameters.

Compatible to PC for downloading of images and test results. “High sensitivity” test mode for azoospermia and vasectomy and variable optical magnification of up to 500x.




Order Code

SQA-V VS Automatic Sperm Analyser


Capillaries for SQA-V, 50/box


Cleaning kit for SQA-V, 25/box ME-0115

Bulk cleaning kit for SQA-V, 50/box


SQA II-CP Sperm Quality Analyser-CP

The Sperm Quality Analyser-CP (SQAIICP) provides a fully automatic numerical readouts of separate, integrated and totalized semen parameters. Quick - all results in just 45 seconds. Reliable - self testing & self calibrating. Built-in printer provides a full hard copy semen analysis report*

Extra sensitive test for extremely poor specimens and vasectomy, etc.


Order Code

SQA II-CP Sperm Analyser


Capillaries for SQA II, 50/box


Cleaning kit for SQA II 25/box ME-0113

Bulk cleaning kit for SQA II, 50/box


QwikCheck Beads QwikCheck Beads

QwikCheckTM beads is an FDA approved quality control material for use in automated and manual sperm counting systems.   The beads are for in-vitro use only and can be used to assess the accuracy and precision of the laboratory's sperm counting methods by providing a known target value

Each kit of QwikCheck™ Beads contains: Two 5 ml. vials of latex beads – one high range and one low range, One 5 ml. vial of a NEGATIVE (ZERO) control, The NEGATIVE control can also be run for motility, Product insert describing how to use the beads on each type of system.

QwikCheck™ Beads can be used on the following systems: SQA-V / SPERMALITE™, SQA-V visualization system (standard slide), Neubauer hemacytometers, Makler counting chambers, Fixed cover slip chambers (like MicroCell).

Description Order Code
QuikCheckTM Beads Kit ME-0200

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